3 Digital Copies of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for £52.97 (£17.66 each) using a VPN @ CDKeys

1. buy this for £42.99

2. redeem the code on the Microsoft Store (on either a phone or a computer preferably with the use of a VPN)
This step may be doable without the use of a VPN but it’s rather fiddly because Microsoft keep trying to revert the region of the store to the English website and you want to be on the American whilst redeeming it.

3. Cold War should be ready to download on your Xbox now. But the next step is to view it in the Microsoft Store on your Xbox, so either press start on the game and click ‘See in Microsoft Store’ or just open the Store app and search for Cold War.

4. On the standard copy it should say you own this and it’s ready to install, to the right of there should be a button saying ‘CHOOSE EDITION’, click here and click on the Cross-Gen bundle

5. Here it should be available to buy for £4.99 and also available to gift it for the same price. You can gift it to two people and it should still be available to buy for yourself.

Author: admin