What Is The Best TV For PS5, Xbox Series On A Budget?

The best gaming TV you can buy for £600 or less.

Panasonic GX800 40in (TX-40GX800B)

Panasonic’s GX800 displays an exceptional 4K HDR picture, powered by the Hollywood Cinema Experience processor. The brand’s HDR Bright Panel Plus reveals every glorious detail of 4K resolution. Multi-format HDR gets the best out of 4K streaming services and Blu-rays, and Dolby Atmos sound is cinematic and immersive. Its customisable Smart Platform brings you a wealth of online apps, including streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in 4K.

TV will be delivered into the room of your choice

This 40in screen has four times the number of pixels than 1080p Full HD TVs, delivering stunning realism, natural motion and incredible detail.

Check out the Panasonic TX-40GX800B 40 inch 4K Ultra HD TV Here

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